We are a group of passionate nail salon owners who have come together to share our collective wisdom, experience and energy to effectively address the challenges – and leverage the opportunities – of the nail salon industry in New York.  


We are committed to elevating the nail salon owner, employee and customer experience so that it can be a win-win for everybody. We will do this through education, partnership marketing and advocacy (legal/lobbying) efforts, as needed, to establish a vibrant nail salon industry ecosystem. And we will do so by establishing and living out our core values.


• create a strong collective voice for nail salon owners to facilitate relationships with employees, customers and government regulators
• fix problems (before they become bigger problems) through ongoing and constructive dialogue
• be financially transparent with all members on all matters at all times
• take a proactive, hands-on approach in helping nail salon owners grow their business
• promote and celebrate cultural diversity in the nail salon industry between owners and employees
• forge bonds of friendship and solidarity between owners, employees and customers to create a better experience for all parties