When nail salons across New York State were required to close down on March 22, 2020 as part of Governor Cuomo's "New York State on Pause" executive order, it left nail salon owners, employees and customers in a state of sadness, fear and anxiety. It is during the weeks immediately following the shutdown that the idea for NIFNY was born, with a small group of nail salon owners reaching out to one another to try to figure out what they could do to "bring the nail salon business back better" when the restrictions were lifted. Less than six weeks later, the Nail Industry Federation of New York (NIFNY) was formed, with one distinct goal: "to elevate the nail salon owner, employee and customer experience."

One of the first initiatives NIFNY undertook was to take the new COVID-19 Safety Measures mandated by New York State (a long and detailed document) and translate them into an easy-to-follow set of 10 steps that everyone (nail salon owners, employees and customers) could understand. NIFNY created this poster and began to educate its membership on how to implement the critical safety protocols to ensure employees and customers would feel comfortable returning to nail salons open their re-opening.

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